Websites Featuring Women in Science and Mathematics

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Graduate Women in Science/Sigma Delta Epsilon


U of M WISE Student Group


University of Minnesota Office for University Women


Association for Women in Science (AWIS)


American Association of University Women


Expect the Best from a Girl ad campaign and background


Advocates for Women in Science, Engineering and Mathematics


Women in Science Section of the New York Academy of Sciences


Committee on Women in Science and Engineering


SciCentral links to organizations of women and minorities in science and engineering


South African Women in Science and Engineering and Third World Organizations for Women in Science


Canadian Coalition of Women in Engineering, Science and Technology (CCWEST)


Archives of Women in science and engineering oral history project


The Ada Project—Women in Computer Science


Institute for Women and Technology—see discussion list below


Women Entrepreneurs in Science and Technology


The International Network of Women in Technology (WITI)—see discussion list below


Celebration of Women in Engineering: Dispelling Myths, Profiling Excellence


Society of Women Engineers


Women in Engineering at Ryerson Polytechnic


Women in Engineering Program Advocate's Network (WEPAN)


Women in Engineering Committee of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers


Women’s Aquatic Network


Women at [Woods Hole] Marine Biological Laboratory: The Early Years


Committee on the Status of Women in Physics at the American Physical Society




Women Chemists Committee of the American Chemical Society


Iota Sigma Pi—National Honor Society for Women in Chemistry


Women in Cell Biology


American Medical Women’s Association


Women in Medicine Program of the Association of American Medical Colleges


Women in Neuroscience


Women in Biology Internet Launch Page


Biographies of Women Mathematicians


Biographies of Women Mathematicians


Women in Math Project


Association for Women in Mathematics


European Women in Mathematics


Women in Cable and Telecommunications


MentorNetMentoring by e-mail for women in engineering, science, and mathematics


Women In Science--International Registry for Women in Science, Electronic Field Trips, a Mentoring Area, Online Interviews, Biographies, and more.


The Nobel Prize Internet Archive—has a Women Nobelists page


The Faces of Science: African-Americans in the Sciences—has a women scientists page


4000 Years of Women in Science


Online Resources for Women and Minorities in Science and Technology


National Women’s History Project—catalog has resources on women in science and math


Notable Women Ancestors—has some interesting pages and links!


Distinguished Women of Past and Present—has list by field, including many sciences




Past Notable Women of Computing & Mathematics


4000 Years of Women in Science


Women in Math Project—has a "People" page with biographies (although not the easiest layout to use)


The History of Women in Astronomy


Women of NASA


Female mathematicians


CSWA Women in Astronomy


Canada : Women in Science and Technology: Profiles of girls and women


Female astronauts and cosmonauts


The Girl Scientist Web Site—currently features profiles of women scientists, soon to include a bookstore


Singing Science's Praises—one of the more interesting profiles I’ve ever read! Check it out!


Sci4Kids—the Science behind agriculture


Interactive Learning Exhibits—Amusement Park Physics and Math in Everyday Life, to name just two


Science and Mathematics Initiative for Learning Enhancement

Science teaching modules for elementary and high school teachers and fun learning activities


Women of Achievement


The White House Project—campaign to make it possible for women to run for president and other key positions


National Women’s Hall of Fame


Discussion Lists


WISENET: Women in Science and Engineering Network

The focus of this group is issues relevant to the education and employment of women in the sciences, mathematics, and engineering.

To subscribe, send a message to listserv@UICVM.CC.UIC.EDU, no

subject, with the message "subscribe wisenet first_name last_name".

WOMUNSCI - Women Undergraduates in Science

WOMUNSCI, for WOMen UNdergraduates in SCIence, is a mailing list for discussion concerning the topic of increasing participation of undergraduate women in science. This list is devoted to looking at that question at the undergraduate level. Membership is open to college science educators and administrators and women undergraduates interested in science.

To subscribe, send a message to, no subject, with

the message "subscribe womunsci_your e-mail address_your name


WITI - Women in Technology

The focus of the list is to discuss aspects of women in technology.

To subscribe, send a message to


WIPHYS - Women in Physics

Over 750 subscribers from around the world exchange advice, network, and discuss issues of interest to women in physics on WIPHYS.

To subscribe to WIPHYS, send a message to

No subject, with the message "subscribe wiphys"

Graduate Women in Science Electronic Discussion Group

This email-based discussion group, affiliated with Sigma Delta Epsilon/Graduate Women in Science (SDE/GWIS), has the goal of connecting all interested women scientists with access to the Internet. One need not be a member of GWIS to participate.

To subscribe send a message to

FIST - Feminists in Science and Technology

The purpose of this list is to discuss feminists in science and technology, feminist science and feminist critiques of science and technology. In addition, the purpose includes discussion of the teaching of science, and the implementation of technology.

To subscribe, send a message to, no subject,

with the message "subscribe first first_name last_name".


Systers is a private, unmoderated electronic mailing list intended to allow professional women in the field of computing to discuss issues of mutual interest. The intended membership of the list is the technical female computer professional and female students.

To subscribe send a message to with "subscribe" in the subject line.


This list serves as a forum to discuss how to attain equity for males and females and how gender equity can be a helpful construct for improving education for all. This list gives people an opportunity to ask questions and exchange information about teaching strategies, useful texts and films, innovative programs, current research, and funding sources.

To subscribe send a message to, no subject with the message "subscribe edequity" and/or to subscribe to the digest "subscribe edequity-digest."


WIGSAT Women in Global Science and Technology Network

WIGSAT is a network of women scientists and technologists. One of the main goals of WIGSAT is to promote international collaboration and coalition building for development among women scientists and technologists around the world.

To subscribe send a message to, no subject, with the message "subscribe."


WMST- L - Women's Studies List

This list invites instructors, librarians, researchers, and program administrators to engage in dialogues concerning the instruction and development of Women's Studies courses and programs and the current research. This list does not allow discussions of gender, social, or

political issues. Due to the level of membership you can expect 100+ messages each week.

To Subscribe send a message to with the message "subscribe to WMST-L "


Thanks to Kimerly Wilcox, Ph.D. and Michelle Douskey, Ph.D. for providing much of this information and to the Association for Women in Science for permission to use their published compilation.